Conventional Renovation Loans For Primary Borrowers and Investors

1)  CHOICEReno eXPressSM Mortgage

Rehabilitation Loan Limit:  10% of Refi Loan or Purchase Amount or 15% in Duty to serve high-needs areas.

 2)  “CHOICERenovation”  Loan

Loan Limit: Refi 75% of After Repair Value –Purchase 75% of the lessor of Purchase price and renovation

• Rehabilitation Loan Limit: No Limit Up-to

• Max Loan Amount: 1Unit $621,000 - 2 Units: $795,000 – 3 Units $960,950 – 4 Units: $1,194,250

• Financing Limit (LTV: Loan To Value): 95%.Primary & 97% if First Time Homebuyer 85% Investment. On Purchases LTV is
based on lesser of A. Purchase Price plus Renovation or B. The (ARV) After Repair Value. On Refinances 75% LTV is loan
amount divided by (ARV) After Repair Value.

• Intended Use: Primary, Second Home, Investment (Purchase & Refinance)

• Credit Score: Min 620

 • Property Type: PUDS, 1-4 Units, Manufactured Home, Fannie Mae-Warrantable Condos

Key Points: HomeStyle loans can also be used to build accessory dwelling units, like

a carriage house or garage apartment or to finish a basement for an in-law suite.

Swimming Pools and permanent landscaping allowed. You cannot use

HomeStyle to tear down and rebuild the home.

Key Advantage No Upfront PMI. 10% Contingency reserve optional to Borrower.

Six months of loan payments can be financed if the borrower is moving out.

Allows you to finish properties started by builders that are 90% complete.

New: 50%of the material costs can be pulled on the first draw. least 51% and


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