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Seniors Face The Credit Card Crunch!

  Seniors will face the Credit Card Crunch by Shannon Hicks  March 21, 2023 My Notes: This Article draws attention to a worrisome situation that many Seniors are suffering today. And, regretfully it does not appear to be getting any better. ֎֎֎ Credit card companies are beginning to slash credit lines. It happened once before and it’s…

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Construction 1 Step Loan

Want to Build your New Home???  We can now offer you a new Construction Loan Program in Florida that can Finance Land, Construction and Permanent Loan with only ONE Closing even before Construction Starts!!! If you have to Buy the Land, it will Finance the Purchase of the Land, the Construction, and the Permanent Loan. If you…

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HomeTown Heroes Affordable Housing Program

View Eligible Occupations: Click Here View Loan and Income Limit in Your Florida County:  Click Here View Documents Required: Click Here View Counseling Courses Required: Click Here Our Free HomeTown Heroes Purchase Loan Assistant Form to request more information. It is designed to help narrow down your Loan Options based on your individual needs. It is Quick and Easy. The more questions you…

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Retirees’ Day of Reckoning is Near!!!

Retirees will face a day of reckoning in 2023!!! by Shannon Hicks December 12, 2022 The stimulus payments have stopped as inflation remains a persistent burden for all Americans. More concerning however is the impact of the Federal Reserve’s series of rate hikes on consumers who hold a credit card balance. Data collected by CreditCards-com shows…

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Great News

Great News!!! The lending limit for Federally-Backed Reverse Mortgages is increasing to $1,089,300 in 2023 Read: Mortgagee Letter (ML) 2022-21 This is great News for Homeowners with properties valued at more than $970,800. They will be able to access a higher percentage of their equity. Request Reverse Mortgage Information. No cost or obligation. Complete the…

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Debt Consolidation

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Vacation Travel Over??? Holidays Coming??? The Federal Reserve Board has increased Interest Rates at least 6 Times in 2022!!! The Fed’s Gift to Brighten our Holidays, One more increase is scheduled in December 2022. More increases are scheduled for 2023!!! These increases affect not only Mortgage Rates but, worse, all Credit Cards, all Variable…

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Financial-Retirement Planning With a Reverse Mortgage

 Financial-Retirement Planning With a Reverse Mortgage SOME WISE USES FOR THE FUNDS FROM A REVERSE MORTGAGE FINANCIAL AND/OR RETIREMENT PLANNING**: ● Avoid selling assets and paying Capital Gains Tax ●  Reduce Taxable Estate ●  Free-up liquidity ●  Reduce taxable IRA withdrawals ●  Manage market volatility, ●  Charitable or Sect. 529 Gifts, ●  Delay Social Security ●  Portfolio Survivability ●  Reduce…

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