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In Foreclosure?

In Foreclosure?

Have You Received a Foreclosure Notice on your Home???

If you have received a Foreclosure Notice for your Home, either from your Bank or from a Court, you must contact a competent Attorney inmediately as there is a very limited Time frame to answer. Only a Competent Attorney can give you the legal advise to delay or avoid the process.

The Foreclosure Relief Team can analize your situation and offer you a solution that could help avoid the Foreclosure and let you keep or sell your home and keep any Equity you may have to start life anew.

If you are 55 years of age or older and with a low mortgage balance refinancing with a Reverse Mortgage might give you enough funds to pay off your present mortgage in foreclosure, and maybe even have some money leftover. You might be able to keep your home.

Borrower makes NO Mortgage payments as long as a Borrower lives the home as Primary Residence, pays property taxes, insurance and maintains it in good condition.

Contact the  Foreclosure Relief Team  for a Free, No Obligation Review of your situation. We could offer you Effective solutions. Click  below..

Foreclosure Relief Team


All you have to lose is your home!!!



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