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Purchase with Reverse

Seniors with Sold SignThe New Reverse Mortgage For Purchase allows a 55 years old or older  Senior to Purchase a Primary Home,1 to 4 Families, Townhouse or Condo in Florida up to a  Maximum Loan amount of $4,000,000 with
Reverse Mortgage Financing!!!

We offer both the FHA Insured HECM Program and several Proprietary Programs to suit your needs.

You make NO monthly Principal and Interest Payments as long as one of the Owners lives the Home as PrincipaL Residence, pays Taxes, Insurance and any Property Charges. It does require a substantial Cash Down Payment. This Down Payment depends on the age of the Youngest Borrower and the Interest Rate. he older the Borrower the lower the Down Payment.


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2828 Coral Way Ste 470
Miami, FL 33145

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