REALTORS® Does Your Customer Want to Buy
 Residential Land to Build Their New Home???

 We can now offer your Customer a new Construction Loan Program that can Finance Land, Construction and Permanent Loan with only ONE rate and only ONE Closing.

Before Construction Starts!!!

  • If your Customer has to Buy the Land, it will finance the Purchase of the Land, the Construction, and the Permanent Loan.
  • If your Customer Owns the and it is Free and Clear it will Finance the Construction and the Permanent Loan, and Consider the Value of the Land in the Valuation.
  • If your Customer Owns the Land and  the land is Financed, it will Pay off the Land, Finance the Land, the Construction and the Permanent Loan,

This is a Great Savings and Convenience, as you will pay Closing Costs ONLY Once.

Ahora le podemos ofrecer a su Cliente un Nuevo Programa que Financia el Terreno, la Construcción y el Préstamo Permanente con UNA sola Tasa y UN solo Cierre.

¡Antes de comenzar la Construcción!!!


  1. Si su Cliente tiene que Comprar el Terreno, le financia el terreno, la Construcción, y el Préstamo Permanente.
  2. Si su Cliente Posée el  Terreno Sin Deuda, le financia la Construcción, y el Préstamo Permanente y le considera el valor del Terreno en la Valuación.
  3. Si Posée el Terreno Con Deuda, paga la deuda, le financia el Terreno, la Construcción, y el Préstamo Permanente.

 Esto es un gran Ahorro y Conveniencia ya que pagaría SOLO un Gasto de Cierre.

? PROGRAMS  MAXIMUM LOAN AMOUNTS: Conventional 2024:  1 Unit: $766,550 * 2 Units $981,500 * 3 Units $1,186,350  
* 4 Units: $1,474,400      
 Monroe County Conventional 2024
: 1 unit: $1,149,825 *  2 Units: $1,1472,250 * 3 Units: $1,779,525 * 4 Units: $2,211,800
VA: $4,000,000  Max
 ? USE: Primary, 2nd Homes, Investment.   VA: Primary.
 ? TYPE: 1 thru 4 Families Homes. Modular Homes OK,  No Condos, No Manufactured  
 ? FICO: 700+,   VA: 580+.
 ? DOWN MIN.: 5% Down Payment.
VA: 0%    
 ? TERMS:  15-30 years Fixed, 7/6 and 10/6 ARMS    VA: 30 years Fixed, JUMBO
 ? BUILD PERIOD MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Interest Only.   VA: No Payment.  P&I on Permanent Loan

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