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Reverse Mortgage Information

Reverse Mortgage Information

Happiness and Financial Security


Florida Senior Homeowners!

Reverse Mortgage Information


Thank you very much for visiting my Site about the wonderful, life changing Reverse Mortgage for Florida Senior HomeOwners and HomeBuyers

Here you will find most of the information you will need to make a well thought-out decision as to whether you need a Reverse Mortgage or not.

I Made it For You!

In times of Ec0nomic Turmoil, we provide a Safe, Secure Solution. A Reverse Mortgage!!!

Today, more than ever the dream of many HomeOwners of a financial carefree retirement is at risk due to ever increasing cost of living. Meanwhile they are sitting on thousands and even millions of idle Equity of their homes. They could be “Rich in House but Poor on income“. We all know a relative, friend or neighbor in that situation, even in the more affluent neighborhoods.

If your home is mortgage free or with a low mortgage balance, Today, There are Two Programs: 1) FHA-HECM: For Borrowers 62 years of Age or older. This marvelous Program created by an Act of Congress in 1989, developed by The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and insured by Federal Housing Administration (FHA). 2) Proprietary JUMBO 55for Borrowers 55 years of age and Older, for properties from the $800,000s up to a Maximum Loan amount of $6,000,000. They have proven to be a blessing, life changing opportunity for hundred of thousands of Seniors, myself included.  We have seen a great improvement in our lifestyles.

Both permit you to convert part of your home’s equity into Tax-Free cash to supplement your income.

You make no monthly mortgage payments as long as one of the Owners-Borrowers reside the home as a Primary Residence, pay taxes and insurance and any property charges and maintain it in good condition!

You qualify if you are at least 55 or 62 years of age and live in a  1, 2 3 o 4 family home, Townhouse or condo (approved by  FHA or by the Lender).  You receive Tax-Free funds to improve your quality of life, maintain your independence and financial security in your own home.  Powerful benefits for today!

I have a Reverse Mortgage on my own home. I highly recommend it (if you need it).

How Can It Help Me?  
· Financial Security.
· Tax Free Cash Reserve.  
· Supplement Income
· Protect Savings  
· Pay bills
·  Travel
· Improve Quality of Life  
· Repair or Buy auto  
· Improve home  
· Prevent Foreclosure,  
· HealthCare Expenses  
· Grandkid’s education,
· Hire Domestic help * Caregiver.  
· Divorce Settlement, etc…
· Or whatever you want to do with the funds. etc… 


· Wealth preservation.
· Reduce taxable estate.
· Avoid liquidating other investments or assets.
· Charitable gifts.with Tax Free funds.
· Consolidate Hi-Interest Debt. (Equity Elite)
· Purchase Life or Long Term Care  Insurance.
· Trust & Venture funding.
· Buy a second home or investment property.· · Investments., etc..

 CALL TODAY! Let me show you how to achieve a better retirement in the confort of your home with Financial Security.  No Cost or Obligation.

 Click on the Links that drop from  “English Reverse ” to  read the  information you will need.

Don’t hesitate to call me with any question. I am here to help you.


Juan Luis

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A Senior Helping Seniors With Ethics and Consideration!  I am Also a Client!!!

Request a free, confidential Estimate of the Funds you could expect from a Reverse Mortgage. I will present you with several alternatives so you can make a well thought out decission. Use the Form provided below to contact me. You can also call or email me at 786-262-6486  or  rodkohly@gmail.com

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