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Do You Want to Build
Your New Home???

We can now offer you new Construction Loan Program that can Finance Land, Construction and Permanent Loan with only ONE Rate and ONE Closing.
Even before Construction Starts

  • If you have to Buy the Land, it will finance the Purchase of the Land, the Construction, and the Permanent Loan.
  • If you Own the Land and it is Free and Clear, it will Finance the Construction and the Permanent Loan, and Consider the Value of the Land in the Valuation.
  • If you Own the Land and it is the land is Financed, the Program  will Pay off the Land; Finance the Land, the Construction and the Permanent Loan.

This is a Great Savings and Convenience, as you will pay Closing Costs ONLY Once.

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¿Desea Ud. Construir
Su Nueva Casa???

Ahora le podemos ofrecer un Nuevo Programa de Financiamiento que Financia el Terreno, la Construcción y el Préstamo Permanente con UNA sola Tasa y
UN solo Cierre.  
¡Aun Antes de que comienze la Construcción!!!

  • Si tiene que Comprar el Terreno, le financia la compra del terreno, la Construcción, y el Préstamo Permanente.
  • Si Posée el  Terreno Sin Deuda, le financia la Construcción, y el Préstamo Permanente y le considera el valor del Terreno en la Valuación.
  • Si Posée el Terreno Con Deuda, el Programa pagaría la deuda, le financia el Terreno, la Construcción, y el Préstamo Permanente. 

 Esto es un gran Ahorro y Conveniencia ya que pagaría SOLO un gasto de Cierre.

Llámeme hoy al 786-262-6486
o por email a RodKohly@Gmail.com

PROGRAMS: Conventional:   15 and 30 years. 7/6 and 10/6 ARMs        VA: 30 years Fixed, 30 years JUMBO
USE: Primary, 2nd Homes, Investment.         VA: Primary.
MAXIMUM LOAN AMOUNTS: $1,000,000    VA  $4,000,000
TYPE: 1 to 4 Families Homes. VA Primary,  Modular Homes OK, No Condos. No Manufactured Homes
FICO: 700,   VA: 620.
MINIMUM DOWN: 5% Down Payment.    VA: 0%
BUILD PERIOD MONTHLY PAYMENTS:  Conventional: Interest-only payments on the Amounts Drawn. VA Borrowers make no payments.

Permanent Loan Monthly Payments; Principal & Interest

* Other Terms and conditions may apply.

a) Save time and money. One closing means only having to cover one set of closing costs.

b) No settling. With new construction, You really can have the home of their dreams
c) Low down payment. Conventional: As low as 5% down  VA 0% down make loans accessible.
d) One approval. No need for a second approval.
e) Modify down option. Once the loan is complete, Borrowers can modify down to secure a lower interest rate if the market changes or stay locked in no matter how the market moves.
f) Build-period paymentsConventional Interest-only payments on the Amounts Drawn. 
    VA Borrowers have no payments during the build period. Permanent Loan; P&I

g) Less out-of-pocket expense. The Borrower doesn’t have to pay for the build and then get a mortgage. The mortgage pays for the build!

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