Private DSCR - Rental

DSCR Loans are a financing option for investors looking for a long-term solution, at an attractive rate.
Underwriting is heavily weighted on the DSCR (Debt-Service Coverage Ratio) and not the individuals DTI (Debt to Income).

Standard Loan Terms
Max Loan Amount: $2,000,000
 Max LTV (Loan to Value): 80%
 Term of loan: 30 Year Fixed and ARM (5/1 and 7/1)
 Payments: Monthly Principal and Interest payments.
Property Types
Single-family residences.
 Two to four units. More than 4 units case by case, only with board approval.

Standard Requirements:

  • Credit Application (1003)
  • Last 2 bank statements (US bank account)
  • Copy of ID and Borrowing Entity docs (Can close under personal name or
  • Purchase Contract (If Purchase)
  • Property Insurance
  • Lease Agreement (if applicable)
  • Short term rentals allowed
  • HOA Payment Information

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