Construction & Renovation Loans

New Construction Loans
(all Projects must have Plans & Permits Approved)

 1 Step Construction” Loan: Finance Land, Construction and Permanent Loan in 1 Step Seamless Closing.  Conventional up to $1,680,800 with down to 5% Downpayment or VA up to $4,000,000 with $0 Downpayment      View Online CLICK HERE

Build & Sell  - Nationwide: Purchase, Land and Construction Loan. Up to 85% Loan to Cost Credit Score:: 650  Loan Amounts: $75,000 to $5,000,000  Term: 24 mo (with extension provision)    View Online   CLICk  HERE

Private New Construction: Homes with 1-4 Units (5 units and above on a case-by-case basis) LOAN AMOUNT:US$ 100K to US$ 3M (Up to 1US$ 0M subject to longer approval time)      
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Renovation & Home Improvement Loans
(all Projects must have Plans & Permits Approved)



Loan Limits: $100,000 to $3,500,000,
LTV: Loan To Value): Up to 90%.
Use: Investment Rentals (Purchase & Refinance & Refinance Cash Out)
Credit Score: 620

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FHA  203K For Primary Borrowers

203(K) Limited Rehabilitation Loan
 Loan Limit: $35,000 or up to $50,000 in Opportunity


203(K) Standard Rehabilitation Loan
Limit: No Limit Up-to Max Loan
 Max Loan Limit: Varies by County

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Private Renovation Loans - Nationwide

• Loan Limit: 100% of Rehab Cost up to Loan Limit.
 • Max Loan Amount: $70,000 to $3,500,000. (Up to $5,000,000 w/ Full Docs)
 • Financing Limit (LTV: Loan To Value):90% of Purchase Price & Up to 75% of (ARV) After Repair Value. (100% of Purchase Price $ Up to 80% ARV w/ Full Docs
 • Use: Investment Business Purpose Loans Only (Purchase & Refinance)
 • Term: Up to 24 Months  • Credit Score: Min 600.
 • Property Type: PUDS, 1-4 Units, Manufactured Home, Condos (80% LTV).
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Conventional Renovation Loans For
 Primary Borrower and Investor

(all Projects must have Plans & Permits Approved)

FannieMae “HomeStyle”

 • Rehabilitation Loan Limit: No Limit Up-to Max Loan Amount
 • Max Loan Amount: 1 Unit: $621,000 – 2 Units: $795,000  3 Units: $960,950 – 4 Unit: $1,194,250
 Monroe County Higher Limits
 • LTV (Loan To Value): 95%.Primary & 97% if First Time
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 ExpressSM’ Loan

Loan Limit: 10% of Refi Loan or Purchase
 Amount or 15% in Duty to serve high-needs areas


Loan Limit: Refi 75% of After Repair Value –Purchase 75% of the lessor of Purchase price and renovation

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